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26 August 2011 @ 12:13 pm
Sewing update  
Today will be another sewing day as soon as I feel like I'm not about to gag. :( So far I have my underdress finished except for the hem and adding some beaded lace to the front. Neither of which should take very long. I also have my overdress top cut out and ready to be put together.

Today I should be able to get the overdress sewn together. The trick with the over dress is the beaded lace on the skirt. I have to get the length perfect before I put it on the dress because all the beading is at the bottom so I won't be able to hem it like normal. Other than that, there is a little bit of trim work around the neck and sleeve cuffs. I am hoping to get everything sewn together today so that on Tuesday (my next day off) I can do the underdress hem and trim work and be finished. If not I have Wednesday as well but I'd really like to not have to worry about it the day before the con. :) Now, baby says I need to go eat or end up gagging :( At least I haven't been throwing up right? As morning sickness goes, this could be worse. I think I'll knock on some wood:)