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06 February 2014 @ 11:18 pm
I haven't been on here in foooooooreeeeevvveeeeeeerrrrr!! So the other day I woke up from a nap thinking about FMA and the last movie that I never got around to watching because the first movie sucked so hard I didn't want to even think about a second movie. But I've always heard much better things about the new movie so I drug Sam and Owen out to Mckays thinking it would be a long shot that they would have it. Yep, they had it. WooHoo! Watched it. It was okay. And now very old (ancient) plot bunnies have come out from under the couch. So I batted at those for a few days and found that yes, I still suck at trying to write certain types of scenes. And now I need to rewatch the second anime because I have missed FMA. Let's hope for a little self control as I try not to binge on it, or at the very least, that I can control my binges to the days when my mom keeps Owen. *sigh*